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Who are we…

To be short: we make every kind of beautiful things – we love diversity and the idea, that life should be colourful and funny.

We make hand-painted shoes, clothes; we decorate glasses, bottles, walls and so many other things…

In the site you can find great ideas for unique hand-made things for a preasent for a beloved person, or for you – just for fun 🙂

My name is Theodora and I draw and experiment every day with enourmous pleasure. Silveto is the colleague, who makes the unique hand made knitted jewellery, and  as well the colleagues from SM studio, who make splendid wooden hand made jewellery – all of it yo can find in section „Jewellery“.

We are devoted to our job and we love it, because we give our heart and soul for it.

In case you have any pieces of advice, recommendations, diffrent points of view or  any negative notes, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Here you can find hand-painted shoes at your discretion, ideas or pictures. 

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There is a gift to every sold pair of shoes 😉

Hand painted clothes for adults and kids: 




Hand-decorated/painted glasses, bottles, plates: 


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Hand-made jewellery:

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Ideas for home decoration or shop-windows:


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And many, many more…… 

Everyday we add brand new inspirations and ideas. You can order a pair of an existing  model, which corresponds to your wishes, or in case you would like to see any of your ideas and wishes, painted on a pair of shoes or clothes we will make it for you. 


In „HANDMADE“ you can meet with the products and  services, that we offer.

In „ORDERS“ you can see the possible ways to order and receive a product.

In „CONTACTS“  –  the ways for our connection with the world are exposed there.

We hope that you will like the site and the creations, shown in it.


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